Living for Christ. Loving Our Community.

About PBC

We are a small group of people from Passage West who want to be in the community, for the community. 

We meet three times throughout the week.

Sunday at 11 am in St. Peter’s Community School. 

You are more than welcome to join us. We also have a crèche on for children under primary age.

Wednesday Nights 7:30pm- Fortnightly Men’s or Women’s Study

Every other week either the men or women will meet in someone’s home to do a study together.

Friday Nights at 7pm in the Fr. Collin’s Parish Centre. 

This is a night for everyone.

Adult Bible Study 7-8pm
PBC Kids (age 5-12) 7-8pm
PBC Youth (age 12-18) 7-8:30pm

See more details for each of these meetings below.

While we live in Passage West, we want to be for the community. With this in mind, there are many things we do that we feel would benefit the community in which we live.

Every Friday we host a Bible study for all those in our community who might be interested in knowing more about God’s Word. As Christians, our primary desire is to point people to the Bible. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us and, as God’s Word, we believe it is relevant for our lives today.

But that is not all we do. We host events relating to relevant topics that might interest our community. Such topics have included creation/evolution, depression etc. Also, through the years we have hosted Easter egg hunts and soccer camps for kids in the area. As individuals, we have sought to be as involved as we can in local events and activities that promote the good of Passage West and the surrounding area.

We don’t expect everyone in the community to attend everything that we do, but we hope that in some small way we can provide something positive for the people of Passage West.

Sunday Service

Our Sunday Worship Service is a time for our church family to gather, worship, and deepen our faith through prayer, praise, and teaching. We meet in St Peter’s Community School on Sundays.

Friday Night

On Friday night we offer something for all age groups. Adults can join in Bible study, while youth and children can take part in age-appropriate programs.

Explore the depths of God’s Word during our Adult Bible Study on Fridays. Join fellow believers in meaningful discussions and scriptural exploration.

Our Youth Group is a vibrant group where teenagers connect, learn, and grow in their faith. Join us for fellowship, fun, and spiritual growth.
Children’s Club is a place where kids experience God’s love through interactive lessons, games, and creative activities, nurturing a strong foundation in their faith journey

Join us for our Men’s Meeting, a gathering where men of all ages come together for fellowship, mentorship, and discussions on relevant topics from a biblical perspective. 

Get in touch for more details regarding dates.

Our Women’s Meeting is a nurturing environment where women connect, share, and support one another as they explore God’s Word and navigate life’s challenges.

Midweek Meetings

Join us on alternating Wednesdays for our midweek gatherings. One week, the men’s group convenes for meaningful conversations and support, while the following Wednesday, it’s the women’s group’s turn to create a nurturing space for connection and shared wisdom. These gatherings are designed to strengthen bonds within our church family and deepen our faith journey together.

Upcoming Events

Stay connected and engaged with our church community by participating in our exciting upcoming events. From inspiring guest speakers and community outreach initiatives to special holiday celebrations and fellowship gatherings, there’s always something happening at our church.

Adventure Club

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